Summer Soulstice

The long summer nights that we’ve been craving all winter are finally here, and with the warmth of the new season come the music extravaganzas we’ve been anticipating. Although the Cuthbert started off the season with Primus, the Soulstice will be the true kick-off to this year’s summer at Alton Baker. And with the new disc golf course in place, why not play a round or two before heading through the gates?

The Soulstice is a celebration of summer and community with a variety of music that reflects Eugene’s diverse tastes like a summer pool. On Friday, the night of the summer solstice, Damian Marley and Stephen Marley bring their ganja-laced rhythms and rhymes to the stage. On Saturday, June 22, Beats Antique and Shpongle provide the psychedelic, tribal sounds of the bass music movement. Saturday will also host MarchFourth Marching Band, a percussion and brass ensemble from Portland that also incorporates guitar and vocal elements — a journey through styles across the world music spectrum. The storied Thomas Mapfumo will perform Saturday backed by his band, the Blacks Unlimited.

Damian and Stephen Marley have been carrying on the legacy of the Marley family with great success. However, each has crafted his own voice and position in the music world. Stephen Marley, the award-winning producer behind many of his sibling’s records, takes to the stage with his brother Damian for a special performance that is both a tribute to the late Bob Marley but also a testament to the future of reggae in modern society.

Simon Posford and Raja Ram were already creating and performing arguably the most entrancing, mystifying music in the electronic music world years before electronic music’s sudden explosion into popular culture. Collectively as Shpongle, they embody not only the innovative spirit of electronic music but also the power and storytelling that the genre can have. Shpongle is a psychedelic journey through a world of sound.

Beats Antique take some of the psychedelic energy of Shpongle and use it to complement their ethereal compositions. Taking influences from world music and bridging them with the modern bass music movement, Beats Antique create a one-of-a-kind performance complete with live instrumentation, choreographed dancing and other unexpected antics.

So gather your friends and head down to the Cuthbert. Grab some beers, take a seat and prepare for two evenings of impressive musicianship from artists across the musical spectrum.

Soulstice starts at 5:30 pm Friday, June 21, and 4 pm Saturday, June 22, at the Cuthbert Amphitheater; $40 adv., $45 day of show, $80 two-day pass. See for details.