Back Beat

EW’s Next Big Thing is one step closer to choosing a winner. Between curly fries and sno cones, judges at the Lane County Fair narrowed down the 16 semi-finalists to two talented outfits: the reggae-fusion Sol Seed and indie-grassers The Crescendo Show. Cheer on your favorite during the Eugene Celebration at the Eugene Weekly-KVRM stage 1 to 2 pm Saturday, Aug. 24, as the bands battle for first place.

If you find yourself moseying south down Blair Boulevard in an IPA-and-sunshine-induced haze during the Whiteaker Block Party, don’t turn around because you’ve exceeded Block Party limits. Plant yourself in the Tiny Tavern parking lot for the 2nd Annual Whiteaker People’s Party, noon to 2 am Saturday, Aug. 3. One of Eugene’s oldest drinking holes, the tavern recently locked down a liquor license (the first time since 1937) and will be hosting 12 bands “for the people, by the people”: The Effies (1 pm), Davy Jones Locker Combo (2 pm), The Missing Links (3 pm), Wetsock (4 pm), The Flying Vimanas (5 pm), Maca Rey (6 pm), Atomic Junkyard (7 pm), The Soothsayers (8 pm), The Underlings (9 pm), Full Lush (10 pm), Pirate Radio (11 pm), Mud Puppy (midnight), Jargon (1 am).

Don’t Miss: North Carolina’s hot jazz and old-time band The Resonant Rogues with performance troupe The Red Raven Follies at Axe & Fiddle (8/4); so many ukes at the 3rd Annual Oakridge Ukulele Festival (8/2-8/4).