Ageless Wonders

When a band “makes a record” these days it means a lot of different things: everything from home recordings available free on to studio releases on record labels. L.A.-based art-noise rockers No Age played their first show at an art gallery; they are no strangers to making an art project out of clamorous rock ‘n’ roll. So when asked, the duo took the directive to “make a record” to heart. “If I’m being asked to make a record, I want to make a record,” No Age drummer-vocalist Dean Spunt recently told, ticking off what that entails: “Manufacture the cover, manufacture the label, manufacture the vinyl.” That’s just what he did. “It’s a lot of records to produce,” Spunt says, “but it’s oddly rewarding.”

The result is An Object, out Aug. 20 on Sub Pop Records. Spunt and his partner Randy Randall (with some help) wrote the music, die-cut the vinyl and designed the packaging and labels for the CDs and records. The lead single from the album, “C’Mon Stimmung,” is full of what the experimental indie-punk duo is known for: tightly wound surf-garage rock submerged in an artfully careless sea of distortion. The song begins with a low hum before ascending into fuzzy three-chord bliss. As a drummer, Spunt has two tempos: up-tempo and upper-tempo. The track caps off with Spunt’s garbled vocals and a buzzy instrumental chorus, sounding a bit like woozy bumblebees playing kazoos, poorly — but in a good way.

No Age plays with Sun Foot and Devin Gary & Ross 9 pm Monday, Aug. 19, at Cozmic; $7.

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