Lord of the Lake

Following in the fictional footsteps of indie alias outfits Father John Misty and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, L.A.-based atmospheric folk group Lord Huron uses its music to create a unique storytelling experience that transports listeners on a wandering adventure. The sepia-toned world of Lord Huron employs swirling melodies, layered harmonies, tribal drum beats and inventive rhythms to paint a picture of the American West as told by singer-songwriter Ben Schneider.

The Michigan– native first introduced Lord Huron as a solo act through his self-released EP Mighty back in 2010. Since then, he’s teamed up with childhood friends percussionist Mark Barry and guitarist Tom Renaud, as well as bassist Miguel Briseno, to roll out the full-length album Lonesome Dreams, which unfolds like chapters in an adventure novel.

The dreamy opening track “Ends of the Earth” calls out softly then builds powerful percussion paired with soaring melodies reminiscent of Fleet Foxes. Myth meets reality in Schneider’s songwriting about failure, mortality and longing on the haunting tracks “The Man Who Lives Forever” and “The Ghost On the Shore,” in which his childhood summers on the Great Lakes and his imminent mortality are intertwined.

Lord Huron plays 8:30 pm Wednesday, Aug. 28, at Cozmic; $12.