Enter the Echo Chamber

As summer drags doggedly on toward fall, it’s time to get those last lazy rays of sunlight under our skin. During this first week of September, the perfect soundtrack for such an affair will hit town. Ernest Greene, the one-man chillwave extraordinaire behind Washed Out, assumed his persona after failing to become a librarian. That aside, he seems better placed as a musician. There’s a drowsy formula to his music that few have dared to exploit, but most are ready to swallow. It’s soporific electronica with wide, relaxed vocals over echoing skeins of drone. Think Panda Bear on synthetic heroin. Or, if that doesn’t suit you, try the Texas band Neon Indian drowning in a well of Sleepytime Tea.

Since signing with Sub Pop Records in 2011, Greene’s music has inched away from sampling — a facet of his EPs that always hit the spot — but considering his great mixing prowess and flawless production skills, it’s not a hard change to stomach.

Washed Out’s second album, Paracosm, was released mid-August, and it’s still a little early to gauge the overall reaction. It falls into Metacritic’s 70th percentile, garnering a score slightly higher than Greene’s debut Sub Pop release, Within and Without, which reached number 6 on Billboard’s U.S. rock albums chart.

High school will be back in session soon, and that means all you college kids aren’t far behind. Before that shit storm hits, it’s time to celebrate the final idle days, and Washed Out is here to help.

Washed Out plays with Haerts 9 pm Thursday, Sept. 5, at WOW Hall; $13 adv., $15 door.