Lane County Area Spray Schedule 9-12-13

• Giustina Land & Timber Co., 345-2301, plans to hire Northwest Reforestation Services LLC, 554-0489 to aerial spray 201 acres near Doak, Rebel and Coyote Creeks with Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Triclopyr Amine and/or Triclopyr Ester. See ODF, 935-2283, notification 2013-781-00811 for more information.

• Dennis Stimple and Helen Gernon, 687-8434, plan to hire Camas Creek Resources, 521-5897, to spray seven acres in T19S, R05W, S23 and S26 with Glyphosate, Aminopyralid, Clopyralid, Imazapyr, Triclopyr Amine, Metsulfuron, Sulfometuron and/or Triclopyr Ester with additives MSO and/or Non-Ionic Surfactant. See ODF notification 2013-781-00805 for more information.

• Swanson Brothers Lumber Company Inc., 935-2231 plans to hire Nick’s Timber Service Inc. (503) 910-1120 to spray 38 acres near the Long Tom River with Glyphosate and/or Imazapyr and additives anti-foam and blue dye. See ODF notification 2013-781-00780 for more information.

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