Horn-y Daddies

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have certainly heard the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ popular Zoot Suit Riot album enough to have an opinion about the band. But stardom — and the backlash that came with it — was never something they expected to achieve when they formed in the late ’80s.

“We didn’t think we’d go anywhere,” Perry says with a laugh. “Signed? Who got signed? The bands who got signed in those days were from another planet. We were from Eugene. We didn’t expect anything but to play down at the WOW Hall.”

When the Daddies stop by WOW Hall this week, they will be mixing some old favorites in with material off their new album, White Teeth, Black Thoughts. Thoughts marks the first time since 1997’s Riot that the band has released a swing record.

“I thought it was time to do a horn-based swing record for two reasons,” Perry says. “One was we hadn’t done that since Zoot Suit Riot, and two was that the financial crisis made the swing style a natural choice.”

The album is as delightfully subversive as anything they have done before, mixing upbeat tracks with dark material, and Perry knows the music won’t be for everyone. But that’s how he likes it.

“I’m not gonna change,” he says. “I’m gonna keep writing whatever I want to write. We just don’t fit. We never have. We never will. At this point, you do it this many years, there are a lot of people who appreciate it and get it, and so that’s fine with me.”

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies play with Yogoman Burning Band 8 pm Friday, Sept. 27, at WOW Hall, $12 adv., $15 door.