Zedd’s (Not) Dead, Baby

Of all the white-hot techno DJs and producers, few are more molten right now than Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd. Zedd’s single “Clarity” (featuring London-based female vocalist Foxes) is arguably the “it” single of 2013: a big, weepy ballad mixed with epic, fist-pumping, club-thumping beats.

Zaslavski sees music in waves, and right now he’s riding the techno wave, but that doesn’t mean he’s closed off to rock ‘n’ roll or acoustic music. Zaslavski feels this point of view sets his work apart from other DJs and electronic producers, contributing to the mass appeal of “Clarity.”

“[Other producers’] approach is to make ‘club music,’” Zaslavski says, but he would consider having a conventional band again, and his interest rests in music, not solely techno. But for the time being, Zaslavski is happy with his success as producer, including an opportunity to work on Lady Gaga’s upcoming album ARTPOP. 

“She’s a true artist,” Zaslavski says. “A musician, not just a singer.” And regarding his biggest hits featuring female vocalists, Zaslavski says: “The type of voice I was looking for was female. But I have a long list of people I’d like to work with and many are male.”

With a hit song, and the popularity of electronic dance music bigger than ever, the life of the young German-Russian musician has changed quickly. “I’m pretty happy about it,” he says. “My shows are three times the size they were before. The best part is I get to connect with the people I love.”

Zedd brings his Moment of Clarity World Tour to Eugene 8 pm Thursday, Oct. 3, at McDonald Theatre; $31.50.