Lane County Area Spray Schedule 11-7-13

• Freres Timber Inc. plans to hire Washburn Contract Services Inc. to spray 20,000 feet of roadsides in Township 15S Range 07W Sections 1, 9 and 11 near Prairie Mountain with Forestry Garlon XRT, Accord XRT II, Element 4 and/or Opensight. See ODF notification 2013-551-00474 for more information.

• ODOT is now doing fall roadside spraying in Lane County with Aquaneat (Glyphosate), Milestone VM (Aminopyralid), Milestone VM Plus (Aminopyralid, Triclopyr), Honcho Plus (Glyphosate), Payload (Flumioxazin), Esplanade 200 SC (Indazifam), Perspective (Aminocyclopyrachlor, Chlorosulfuron), Pathfinder II (Triclopyr Ester) and/or Gly Star Plus (Glyphosate) or others with surfactants Dyne-Amic, Phase and/or LI 700 or others. Call District 5 offices at 744-8080 to request spray records or call their automated information line at (888) 996-8080 for more information.