Thanksgiving 2013

My custom each year in this month of November

Is taking time out to reflect and remember

To treasure my blessings, to offer my thanks

For the good things in life, such as not wearing Spanx

No need to contain, or squeeze in, or shape up

And my breasts do not have to live inside a cup

I’m thankful that most of the time I can be

Relaxed and at large, or in other words FREE

My body is fine as it is, I have learned

Though calories eaten exceed those I’ve burned

And loving myself as I am is an act

That can help change the world, as a matter of fact

Isn’t the point to live open and out?

And isn’t diversity what we’re about?

To live in the world as we are without shame,

Isn’t that freedom our ultimate aim?

So loving ourselves is a great place to start

It’s a simple (yet difficult) way to take part

In being the change we’re so eager to see

Where you’re free to be you and I’m free to be me

So,  thanks for my body, my shape, and my size

And the jiggle-y stuff on my arms and my thighs

For my midriff and belly — they’re hardly petite

So that when I look down I cannot see my feet

But, to honor Thanksgiving, I’d just like to say

I’m happy my body is built in this way

With big honking legs that are healthy and strong

And a butt you would faint if you saw in a thong

I’m so very thankful that feminists teach

We needn’t be thin to have fun at the beach

That hating our bodies is wasting our time

Which is much better spent on a new paradigm

Where we’re all simply grateful each day that we’re here

Where we take equal space if we’re fat or we’re queer

Where our brains and our love and our humor rate most

And it’s fine if there’s butter and jam on your toast

So what if I’m bigger than fashion declares

Is suited to model its haute couture wares?

My darling sweet Wifey loves all that I’ve got

To her I’m voluptuous, silky and hot


What more could a woman request from this life

Than a healthy physique and a good loving wife

A safe secure home and some snuggly pajama’s

And health coverage, thanks to this plan of Obama’s

I’m thankful for friendships with so many dykes

For community, potlucks and going on hikes

I’m grateful, sincerely for simple delights

And glad that at last queers are getting our rights

Sure, news from D.C. is a source of great stress

With the Koch brothers funding this Teabagger mess

But if we just worry, obsess and freak out

It stifles our juices and fills us with doubt

We need to reflect on how lucky we are

Just to be here at all, to have made it this far

So let us take time to reflect and remember

To give thanks for ourselves as we are this November

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