Americana Realized


After hitting major gigs like the Northwest String Summit and the High Sierra Music Festival this summer, the whiskey-shooting, feet-stomping, heart-pounding Americana group Fruition returns to Eugene to tour its new album Just One of Them Nights. Stomp-worthy tracks like “The Wanter” and “Boil Over” showcase the group’s signature high energy, but where Nights shines is in its more thoughtful, introspective folk moments. “We enjoy the space of a song and the intimacy of a song,” vocalist and guitarist Kellen Asebroek explains. “We like making pretty stuff just as much as we like making rock ‘n’ roll. We tried to put that all in one album.”

In effortless three-part harmonies, the Portland-based quintet tells charming string-infused stories of ex-lovers and a life of adventure. Georgia native Mimi Naja offers her strong, husky vocals and wields a dreamy mandolin, whisking listeners across folk tunes like “Mountain Annie.”

With an album that stands as one part raucous Americana and two parts enchanting folk, the group has evolved in a way that only its name can denote. “The word itself means something realized,” Asebroek says. “It kind of just symbolizes the evolution of our friendships and the sound of the band and the direction of our careers and our lives and our dreams and aspirations.”

Fruition plays 9 pm Friday, Dec. 13, at Cozmic, $10 adv., $12 door.