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For Jans Ingber, vocalist for The Motet, Eugene is where it all started.

“Eugene was an awesome place to grow up and be a high schooler,” Ingber says. “I was in this band called The Boogie Patrol Express, and we were an original disco band. We sold out the WOW Hall a few times and did that for a few years, so that started my love of music and was my foot into the music biz.”

The Motet, an octet, puts on lively “dance parties,” and their music incorporates elements of dance, funk, soul, salsa, electronica, Afrobeat and samba. Their self-titled album comes out on Jan. 25 and marks a rebirth for the band.

“All the other records had different players on them, and this record [represents] this version of the band that’s been playing together for the last four years,” he says. “This is our first collaboratively written and performed record we’ve done together and signifies a new direction for us.”

Ingber has fond memories of the McDonald, so he is excited to return.

“My first job was with Act III Cinemas,” Ingber says. “The McDonald used to be a movie theater, and I worked there in concessions and as a doorman, and now I’m going back there to play it as a musician, so that’s pretty funny.”

The Motet plays with Acorn Project 8 pm Saturday, Dec. 28, at McDonald Theatre; $18 adv., $22 door.

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