Dreaming While Wide Awake

Seattle-based duo Lemolo

Meagan Grandall
Meagan Grandall

“I don’t think most of my songs sound that much like Beach House,” says Meagan Grandall, primary songwriter of Seattle-based duo Lemolo. “But if they do to some people,” she adds, “then I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Lemolo is touring in support of their 2012 release The Kaleidoscope, but Grandall says to expect lots of new material when she and her new drummer Emily Westman return to Eugene.  “We just started rehearsing two months ago or so. It’s been pretty great, collaborative,” Grandall says.  “The whole last year I’ve been working on the next Lemolo album. This tour I’m going to be playing all the new songs. I always like to play the new songs at least for a little while before I record them.”

The phrase dream-pop — piano based songwriting featuring atmospheric, slow-burning melodies and a certain sleepy gauziness — is often used to describe Lemolo. “I do think that’s fitting most of the time,” Grandall says. “The new songs are a little more upbeat than the songs on the first album,” she adds, explaining she’s been playing around with loops and harmony, giving a fuller sound to the group.

And Eugene is one of Grandall’s favorite tour stops: “I love playing in Eugene — college town, young people,” she says. “I always have a lot of fun.”

Lemolo plays with playful Canadian duo Sidney York and Eugene’s The Shifts 8 pm Sunday, Jan. 12, at Cozmic; $6.

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