Ready for Takeoff

Portland-based indie-pop trio Rocket 3

Rocket 3
Rocket 3

Most musicians have been playing instruments for years. Ramune Nagisetty of Portland-based indie-pop trio Rocket 3 picked up the guitar just a few years ago. “I went out and bought an electric guitar,” Nagisetty says. “It was President’s Day. I found it fairly easy to play.”

Soon Nagisetty was writing her own songs. Before long she found likeminded musicians to play with and Rocket 3 was born. “The name Rocket 3 was inspired by the way Drew [Anymouse] plays drums, which is like a rocket,” Nagisetty jokes. Tony Guzman plays bass in the group.

Rocket 3 played its very first gig at a Eugene-based GRRLZ Rock event in Cottage Grove. “In Eugene, we felt welcomed not only by the venue, but by the people that showed up,” Anymouse says. “The conversations we had that night with ‘Eugenites’ who passionately support the local music scene were refreshing to hear.”

Rocket 3’s songs are simple, direct, pop-inflected rock songs that are compulsively likeable. The guitars are fuzzy and occasionally psychedelic, Nagisetty’s voice is gentle and dreamy and the drums are punchy and aggressive but never combative — recalling influences like The Shins, Veruca Salt and My Bloody Valentine.

Rocket 3 has recorded a full-length album that will be mixed this month. “I don’t know if I will have this opportunity again,” Nagisetty says. “I think original music needs to be meaningful, and having 11 good songs to share is a gift not to be taken for granted. I want the songs to reach people’s ears and hearts.”

Rocket 3 plays with Eugene’s The Soothesayers and Portland’s Balto 9:30 pm Friday, Jan. 17, at Sam Bond’s; $5.