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It feels great to be back on the road

La Luz
La Luz

Seattle surf rock revivalists La Luz are lucky to be alive. Just this past November, on the way home after a gig in Boise, the band was involved in a serious car wreck. Their van was totaled and their gear ruined. Luckily, the band members incurred relatively minor injuries. Undeterred, La Luz recouped and is now back out on the road.

“We’re doin’ alright,” La Luz guitarist Shana Cleveland says via email. “It feels great to be back on the road. All the shows have been super fun and I’m hanging out on a curb in sunny Southern California right now wearing shorts in January so I cannot complain at all.”

La Luz is touring in support of the band’s 2013 release, the surf-a-delic It’s Alive (on Hardly Art records). On the album, the thin and wiry riffs influenced by The Ventures cascade over driving percussion, melodic organ solos and the atmospheric and moody vocals a la Nancy Sinatra. “Now I kinda wanna die,” Cleveland sings on the album’s opening track “Sure as Spring,” “It’s the truest way to know that I’m alive.”

“Can’t really deny the surf moniker when about a fifth of our songs are straight-up surf instrumentals,” Cleveland says. “I think it’s as good of a box to be put in as any.” Rightly or wrongly, an all-female surf rock band faces some uncharted terrain; Cleveland doesn’t mind. “We were pretty into the idea of keeping it all girls,” she says. “Makes it easier to share clothes and do each others nails,” she jokes, “and have scantily clad pillow fights ‘n’ shit!”

Behavior Castle presents La Luz with Egotones and Snow White 8 pm Monday, Feb. 3, at 543 Blair Blvd.; $5.

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