Lane County Area Spray Schedule 1-30-14

• Walton Hylomorphia, LLC, 343-4167, plans to spray 175 acres near the Siuslaw River and Walton on slopes greater than 65 percent with Glyphosate, Triclopyr Amine and/or Triclopyr Ester. See ODF notice 2013-781-00412-C, call State Forester Jim Hall in Florence at 997-8713 with questions. 

• Rosboro LLC, 746-8411, plans to hack and squirt 23 acres near Hula Creek, a tributary of Lake Creek, with Garlon 4. See ODF notice 2014-781-00104, call State Forester Tim Meehan at 726-3588 with questions.

• Rosboro plans to spray roadsides throughout Lane County with Garlon 4 and/or Glyphosate. See ODF notice 2013-771-00333-C, call State Forester Robin L. Biesecker at 935-2283 with questions.

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