The Slice is Right

If there’s one thing that everyone’s got an opinion on, it’s pizza. Folks get downright adamant about the “best” in town. We decided to visit a few of the local favorites for some pizza and put together a little guide to who has what. One thing that is hard to get around is the fact that pizza is amazing. Even mediocre pizza is still pretty damn good. But what sets our entrants apart is in the details. Whether you’re a sauce man or a crust kind of gal, no two slices are quite equal. Hopefully this small sampling guides you to a new favorite, reaffirms your love of your current favorite or pushes you out of your routine and has you trying something new.

Best Happy Hour Pizza: Whirled Pies

From 3 to 6 pm Whirled Pies offers up something that is downright hard to beat: $1 slices. These slices are small, but if what you’re seeking is a mid-afternoon snack or something to accompany a pint of local beer, this is the place. And the earthy flavors of their pizza remind you that you’re dealing with fresh, healthy ingredients.

1123 Monroe St.

Best Pizza to Eat While Watching a Show: Cozmic

The slice of pie at Cozmic was satisfying. It tasted more of mozzarella than anything else, but everything was fresh and fast. You set that slice next to a pint of local beer while enjoying one of the many amazing shows this venue brings to our town and you’ve got yourself a fantastic Friday night.

199 W. 8th Ave.

Best Crust: Sy’s New York Pizza

Pizza crust has to be one of the hardest elements of the pie to get just right. Sy’s has nailed it. While it is a thin crust, it maintains a perfectly chewy top and a delightfully crispy bottom. It holds up well to the toppings, which are generous. And the sauce is amazing: tangy and flavorful.

1211 Alder St.; 55 Silver Ln.

Best Toppings/Sauce/Crust Ratio: Mezza Luna

Mezza Luna piles its pillowy thin crust with the most ample amount of toppings. Their sauce is flavorful enough to hold its own against the rest of the pizza — making their slice a great choice for lunchtime, dinnertime, any time.

933 Pearl St.; 2776 Shadow View Dr.

Best Variety/Flavor Combinations: Sizzle Pie

While a slice of Sizzle Pie’s pizza is offered up on a rather thin crust and with a less than abundant pile of toppings, they make up for it with the best flavor combinations available. These creations are imaginative yet simple and always delicious. Plus their location is hard to beat for late-night munchies.

910 Willamette St.

Best Pepperoni: Pegasus

To keep the playing field somewhat level, we ordered a pizza standard at all the spots: pepperoni. Everything about Pegasus’ pizza is decidedly decent, but their pepperoni had the best flavor by far. Also, their crust had the most bready quality, with less air and more substance than the others. Having been a campus staple for years, we have to admit that we’re glad this local favorite made its way down to the south of town, giving those that live that direction a Pegasus to call their own.

790 E. 14th Ave.; 2864 Willamette St.; 4 Oakway Center.

Photos by Trask Bedortha

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