Wet Desert

Utah-hailed indie rock outfit Desert Noises

Desert Noises
Desert Noises

You might expect a band named Desert Noises to give their music a stark, arid edge, something grim and dry. In reality, though, the only thing truly dry about this Utah-hailed indie rock outfit is their hometown. By all accounts, Desert Noises is wet. The group’s 2012 EP, I Won’t See You, babbles and laughs with a sleepy pop sheen not too far removed from Band of Horses. Each song moves in endless crescendo, and the result is a good, crisp wave of sound. And boy, do these cats know how to surf. When that climax finally comes, it’s moving, redemptive, haunting, spastic and wholly unexpected; despite the preceding buildup, you never quite see it coming.

More recently, Desert Noises has ripped away the electric cover and let some dust come in. “Dime in My Pocket,” which will appear on the new album 27 Ways (out March 25 on SQE music), is a floorboard-shakin’ slide stomp that evokes a more suitable, desert-y image. At the end of the day, though, Desert Noises haven’t changed their spots. Cool, reflective, electric grooves are the name of the game.

The band is on a gigantic tour right now, spanning a massive dog leg down the West Coast and on into the South. And you know how it gets down there. Balmy. At the end of the day, that just about sums it up. Desert Noises is balmy. Wet, hot, stylish. They’ll knock your socks off.

Desert Noises play with AAN 9:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 8, at Sam Bond’s; $7.