Follow the Light


Lynx reminds me of a general — marshaling her beats, strings, digital bleeps and waves like orchestrated forces to create a united front. Or perhaps a captain is more apt. Her latest album, Light Up Your Lantern, sways like a ship in unknown waters on tracks like “Southern Skies,” leaving the listener a little woozy but eager for what lays ahead. Either way, Lynx is master and commander of her own fate, plotting her own folktronica course somewhere between the chilled mystery of The xx and the electronic exotica of Beats Antique.

The link to Beats Antique is no accident. Lantern was co-produced by Beats Antique drummer Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel. The album and Lynx’s first official music video, released in October (she hit WOW Hall in November for a CD release party), were completely funded by Kickstarter, all $18,000 worth.

“I’m an independent musician from Oakland, Calif. I’m a singer-songerwriter, producer, beat-boxer and multi-instrumentalist,” Lynx said in her Kickstarter video appeal. “It’s so awesome that we live in a day and age where artists can go directly to their fans through things like Kickstarter and the internet, and where we can keep making music without the intervention of giant corporations.”

Lynx fans, as well as fans of Beats Antique, Matisyahu and Y La Bamba, will not be disappointed. There’s something epic about her sound in a way that only deftly produced world music can achieve; it feels bigger than us — the backdrop for some futuristic period saga. The ebb and flow of melodic banjo, mandolin, cello and snares throughout Lantern, guided by her cool, sage vocals, make for a fully realized listening experience — there are no loose ends here.

Lynx performs with Organik Time Machine 8:30 pm Thursday, April 24, at WOW Hall; $10 adv., $12 door.