Lane County Area Spray Schedule 4-24-14

Pete Kingzett, 686-4917, plans to spray 15 acres near Coyote Creek tributaries with Transline and/or SFM Extra, containing glyphosate, imazapyr and triclopyr and MSO. See ODF notice 2014-781-00405 call Stewardship Forester Brian Peterson at 935-2283 with questions. 

• Weyerhaeuser Co., 744-4600, plans to ground spray 113 acres near North Fork Siuslaw River tributaries with Sulfomet, Velpar DF, Transline, Garlon 3A and/or Forestry Garlon XRT with additives MSO and/or non-ionic surfactant. See ODF notice 2014-781-00386 or call Brian Peterson at 935-2283 with questions. 

ODOT has begun spring spraying. Call Tony Kilmer at ODOT District 5 (Lane County area) at 744-8080 or call (888) 996-8080 for herbicide application information. Highways I-5, 58, 99, 101, 126 and Beltline were sprayed recently.