Lafa Taylor’s “Eugene”

After an eight-year break,  Lafa Taylor (who now resides in a “bus/solar-powered mobile studio” in Oakland, Calif.) recently released Not One Thing with a special valentine to his hometown: “Eugene (feat. Marv Ellis).”

Taylor writes of the song, “I made this song in Eugene when I was visiting for a few weeks last summer. I swear it was one of the most beautiful Oregon summers I had witnessed in a long time, I really wanted to capture that essence and give a shout out to my gorgeous home town.”

Some key Eug lyrics:

  • We’re sipping ‘bucha and beer ’cause it’s a sunny day/And we probably get two in a year
  • Eugene, Eugene, we’re all here ’cause we’re not all there
  • I’m in Eugene/You can catch me in the Whit/At a block party or some late night shit
  • This is the home of Nike/As if that really matter/I’ll serve you tap water, homie, on a silver platter

Lafa Taylor made an appearance Saturday night at the Bohemian Dub Ball.  He will be back June 21 to play the grand opening of the WJ Skatepark. His  website says a music video is coming soon.