I had my first beer at a Baths show in high school circa 2007. I was at my friend’s birthday party, and it was also the night Will Wiesenfeld made his debut as that now-famous moniker.

Seven years later, the electronic musician is making his debut performance in Eugene. Since that 2007 house show, Baths has racked up gigs like Sasquatch Music Festival and has become a bit of a viral celebrity after receiving multiple “Best New Music” nods from Pitchfork.

“I keep myself in check and try to write good music,” Wiesenfeld tells me over the phone. “I’ve had a lot of people helping me navigate. It has definitely not just been me doing this.”

Wiesenfeld’s journey first began in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Calif., where he was my classmate at Hamilton High. He began to master his craft at the school’s Academy of Music, which has produced other notable alumni such as Fiona Apple, Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear) and Shia LaBeauf.

Wiesenfeld separates himself from other musicians in the L.A. scene, however, by marrying a background of classical songwriting with spontaneous and experimental beats. At times, his music is reminiscent of fellow Los Angeles beat makers like Daedelus or Shlohmo, but with an obvious influence from avant-garde projects like Björk.

His new EP Ocean Death, out now on Anticon Records, continues the “dark pop” sound introduced on the 2013 album Obsidian. When talking to Wiesenfeld between his yawns on the phone, it was obvious that long road trips have made finding time to record challenging.

When he finishes this tour, Wiesenfeld plans to produce a record for his “ambient” moniker Geotic as well as an album for Baths with a “way different sound.”

“I think having the Pacific Northwest as a little reward at the end is always really nice,” Wiesenfeld says. “It’s like my favorite area to play.”

Baths plays with P. Morris and Young Fathers 8 pm Sunday, May 18, at WOW Hall; $13 adv., $15 door.

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