Anyone Can Be A Poodle

It’s tough to convey unbridled enthusiasm via email, but Trevor Straub of Pookie and The Poodlez (of Oakland, Calif.) comes close: “Yeah, I can do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” Straub responds to my email interview request.

“I’m Pookie and my band’s The Poodlez,” Straub continues. “The Poodlez are always changing, anyone can be a Poodle!”

What’s behind the band’s distinctive name?

“There’s a seriously long story that’s really deep that would touch the hearts and farts of all humans but it’s too long,” Straub says.

His hyperactive chatter fits The Poodlez sound perfectly, like the Ramones and the Beach Boys in a blender, or John Waters’ garish vision of ’50s America mixed with a Voodoo Doughnut sugar-crash — all the songs from Pookie’s 2013 self-titled release on Burger Records clock-in under 2 minutes.

“It’s like diet rock,” Straub says, describing the band’s sound. “Have you ever had a Dr. Pepper? Our live show’s more like Pepsi with lime.” He continues, “Last time I was in Eugene a Street Fighter game ate my quarters and I ate a bacon cheeseburger on an English muffin. This time I’m here to kiss some boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Buckle up, Eugene.

Behavior Castle presents Pookie and The Poodlez 7:30 pm Wednesday, June 4, at a top-secret location. Email for details; $3-$5 donation. — William Kennedy

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