My My, Cherry Pie

Cherry Glazerr
Cherry Glazerr

What were you doing at age 17? Well, 17-year-old Clementine Creevy of the L.A.-based band Cherry Glazerr is busy fostering an up-and-coming indie “it” girl reputation — but not before getting her homework done. The cherub-faced trio’s 2013 release Trick or Treat Dancefloor, out on Burger Records, recalls the early work of fellow female-fronted Southern California band Best Coast; think three chords soaked in reverb and rudimentary melodies alongside loose and stony percussion.

Lyrically, Creevy employs the Kimya Dawson-style “inspired by stuff I can see when I look around my bedroom” school of songwriting, evidenced by titles like “All My Friends,” “Bloody Bandaid,” “Cat Sitting In My Room” and “Grilled Cheese.” And really, at 17 there isn’t much outside the confines of your bedroom’s four walls, anyway.

“Watch out he’s a killer pizza man,” she sings in “Pizza Monster,” her voice sounding like The Shangri-Las crossed with a baby’s coo crossed with a snake’s bite. In “Teenage Girl” she sings, “Sneaking cigarettes at lunchtime, sun feels safe and sublime.” Yes, it’s unsubstantial and adolescent — juvenile even — but Cherry Glazerr is frequently so absurd that the band inadvertently satirizes other overly sincere indie rock. Or maybe like other smartass joke rockers before them — The Dead Milkmen and Pavement to name a few — that satire isn’t so inadvertent after all.

Behavior Castle presents Cherry Glazerr with Joel Jerome and Snow White 7:30 pm Saturday, June 28, at Wandering Goat; $5.

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