Lane County Area Spray Schedule 7-17-14

• Coast Range Conifers, 335-1472, plans to hire Western Helicopter Services, Inc., (503) 538-9469, to aerially spray Escort, Oust and/or Surfactant L-11 on 60 acres near Swartz Creek, using a helicopter landing pad on BLM land. See ODF notification 2014-781-00754, call Robin L. Biesecker at 935-2283 with questions.

• Freres Timber Inc., 503-859-2111, plans to hire Alkin Vegetation Management LLC, (503) 510-9477, to spray 2.46 miles of roadsides near upper Lake Creek with Forestry Garlon XRT, LV6, Opensight, Rodeo and /or MSO. See ODF notice 2014-781-00755, call Robin L. Biesecker at 935-2283 with questions.

• Oregon Department of Forestry, 935-2283, plans to hire Nick’s Timber Services, Inc., (503) 376-8220, to spray 64 acres near Poodle Creek at Fish Creek Ridge with Rodeo, Accord XRT II, Polaris SP, Element 4, MSM 60, Sulfomet XP, LI 700, MSO, red and/or blue dye. See ODF notification 2014-781-00727, call ODF at 935-2283 with questions.

• LRT 1, LLC, 973-1951, plans to hire L&B Reforestation Inc., 740-4795, to spray roadsides near Little Siuslaw, Letz, Smith, Bear and Wildcat creeks with Garlon 4 Ultra, Garlon 3A, Garlon 4, Opensight, Milestone, Arsenal and/or bark oil. See ODF notification 2014-781-00726, call ODF at 935-2283 with questions.