Go West, Young Man

West My Friend
West My Friend

“We love playing house concerts because it’s always a listening audience,” says Jeff Poynter, vocalist and accordion player for Victoria, B.C.-based indie-folk outfit West My Friend. “We’re not really a bar band, and so we like audiences that show up to hear music. It’s great as well because you can really connect with the audience — talk to them throughout the show, hang out with them afterwards and learn a little about them.”

West My Friend is playing a house show in Eugene as part of their “Bikes, Barns and Beers” tour. How could a tour called that not stop in Eugene? The band is touring in support of this year’s When the Ink Dries, a precious collection of dreamy, gentle and literate indie folk with instrumentation like flute and mandolin.

“Cascadian third-wave indie-prog-chamber-folk-roots music” Poytner says, describing the record, adding “love songs in unusual time signatures and orchestral epics with intriguing lyrics and four-part harmonies.”

West My Friend’s show is their first time playing in town. But that doesn’t mean West My Friend has never been to Eugene. “We once camped out in the train station parking lot in a 1982 Glendale RV for two nights,” Poynter says. “We thought it was a pretty rad town and are super excited to come back! It seemed like a town where our kind of music would be really well received, and where there would be great audiences.”

West My Friend plays 7 pm Monday, Aug. 25, at 755 River Rd.; $10-$12 suggested donation. RSVP recommended; contact Mike Meyer at mmeyer@efn.org.