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• Laurelwood Golf Course opened its new restaurant, Laurelwood Bar and Grill, earlier this summer, and now it’s serving up cocktails, thanks to its newly acquired liquor license. The open-to-the-public restaurant is decked out with six new big-screen televisions in preparation for the upcoming football season, and it’s also home to the iconic tables and chairs that once bedecked the old Oregon Electric Station, repurposed to fit Laurelwood’s antique-chic look. “It’s a historical building that now has the historical furniture to go with it,” manager Chris Erben says.

• We saw on Craigslist that Portland-area restaurant Killer Burger is planning to expand, including a branch in Eugene. The burger-and-fries joint serves up monster burgers, like its extravagant “Barnyard” burger with bacon, egg, ham and house-made sauce. It also offers a garden patty option for vegetarians. See its Facebook page for more updates.

• You know those moments when you’re starving but can’t bring yourself to leave the house in pursuit of food? Cascadian Courier Collective offers a pedal-powered solution to that first-world problem. Give them a call at 286-5182, and a delivery person on bicycle will bring you the food you need (and more — they also deliver flowers, coffee, groceries, cat food and garden supplies). According to its Facebook page, CCC serves Eugene’s downtown, the UO campus, West Jefferson and Whiteaker neighborhoods from 8 am to 10 pm each day. See cascadiancouriers.com for pricing.

• For your on-campus delivery needs, try Hungry Ducks, a service that coordinates online and delivery orders and partners with over 30 restaurants in the Eugene area, including Agate Alley Bistro, Taste of India and Maru. Owner Darren Rabie says that Hungry Ducks’ delivery time is a consistent 30 minutes, and delivery fees ring in at $3.99. Check it out at hungryducks.com.

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