That Mat Kearney Video

I admit it, I didn’t watch the new Mat Kearney video until today. I got the press relases, I saw the R-G did a story, I saw friends posting it on Facebook. But the moment I see something is paired up with Duck football, I lose a little interested (that’s blasphemy if you live in Eugene, isn’t it?).

But I talked to a couple friends with good taste in music (and a similar “meh” attitude about football) and they praised it so I pulled up the video … and it’s pretty darn good. The song is anyway. Given a certain feeling that the Ducks are a little oversaturated, the video is a little football heavy, but the wistfulness of the song and the historical footage make it work. About minute 48 there’s a shot of sailboats on Dexter Reservoir with Parvin Butte (pre-current mining destruction) that made me even more wistful.

Also it has horses. I’m a sucker for horses.

If you were unaware that Kearney is a Duck’s fan, then you missed “Chip Don’t Go.”

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