In case you missed The Band of Heathens last night

Oh, wait, I KNOW you missed The Band of Heathens last night because it was pretty much just me and 20 other people at the WOW Hall on a Tuesday night.

You missed a great show and the Heathen’s new Tom Petty-esqu song “Carry Your Love,” which debuted on Texas Monthly yesterday a couple hours before the Eugene performance. Click the image to listen:

Despite the sparse audience The Band of Heathens were their usual mix of instrospective, danceable Americana rock — you can shake to it or just listen, and last night was worth  doing both. Let’s face it, it’s asking a lot to pack the WOW Hall on a Tuesday; if this had been a Thursday or a weekend there would have been a lot more people, as there were when BoH played Sam Bonds on a Friday last November. Points for making a cover of “The Mighty Quinn” the encore. Hell, points for an encore with such a small (albeit enthused) audience.

Midway through their set, an audience member hollered out “Play ‘Medicine Man'” off the “Top Hat Crown and the Clapmaster’s Son” album.

“What?” responded Ed Jurdi, “I can’t hear you over all these people.” (OK, I think it was Jurdi, he’s the beardy one. I had some hard cider in me at that point).

If you’re unfamiliar with The Band of Heathens, their albums have topped the Americana charts, and they’ve played Austin City Limits and SXSW, getting them a shout-out in the Wall Street Journal.

BoH tapes all their shows and announced they recorded the WOW Hall show, which you can buy and download on their website. Don’t miss them next time  or you can catch them in Portland Sept. 20 (lucky PDX, that’s a Friday).

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