Candy-Coated Minimalism

Fujiya & Miyagi
Fujiya & Miyagi

Hailing from merry old England, Brighton’s Fujiya & Miyagi play up-tempo, minimal electro-pop that is addictive and danceable but, most of all, very, very British. Listen to the group’s 2014 release, Artificial Sweeteners, and you’ll hear UK dance-punk, house and hip-hop music as well as the sort of heady minimalism practiced by German bands like Can and Neu, groups that came to be known as Krautrock.

“Much of the output of these groups acted like an antidote to the boorish endless soloing of British and American rock music that was popular at the same time,” says David Best, Fujiya & Miyagi vocalist and guitarist.

And with Fujiya & Miyagi, all these influences are translated through an English “stiff-upper-lip” sensibility. “I enjoy restraint in music,” Best says. “We wanted to make a more electronic sounding record,” Best continues, referring to Sweeteners. And seriously, Eugene: Maybe you haven’t heard of Fujiya & Miyagi, but you don’t want to miss this show.

“People are often surprised when they see us live,” Best says. “I think we are more direct than on our records and certainly more spontaneous. We try to keep the tempos quite fast to encourage the audience to move. Our main concern is to get people dancing.”

But most all, Fujiya & Miyagi love touring in America. “Your roads are straighter and drivers drunker,” Best jokes. “I love the scenery in Oregon and parts of California,” he continues, before adding like a true Englishman: “I don’t like being interrogated every time I want to buy a sandwich. There are so many questions!”

Fujiya & Miyagi play with house and disco DJ Magic Touch 9 pm Friday, Oct. 10, at WOW Hall; $12 adv., $15 door.