The Treachery of Sounds

Photo Courtesy Eric Corwin
Photo Courtesy Eric Corwin

In 1929, surrealist painter René Magritte scrawled under his painting of a pipe, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“This is not a pipe”), in his famously enigmatic painting The Treachery of Images.

For Tree Branch Twig, a side project from Lindsey Keast of popular Eugene-based experimental group Lady Paw, there is a similar cognitive dissonance. On her Bandcamp page, Keast says 2012’s release 7 Collages is “experimental in temperament” and should be “taken lightly as a form of music.” In other words: This is not music.

“It is music, without a doubt,” Keast concedes to EW. “I was interested solely in how visual elements could be expressed through sound,” she continues. “I want people to listen to it and I want the concept to be accessible, but for it to be first and foremost ‘music’ was not my intention.”

7 Collages is lonely, free-form Erik Satie-style piano musings set against a backdrop of rainy streets, sirens, clicks, tape hiss and ghostly vocals — evocative of a midwinter night scene in Eugene.

On Dec. 27, Keast will debut new sounds at Wandering Goat. “Expect to see a girl push all of her visceral emotions into one tiny instrument and out through an amplifier,” Keast says, “in hopes it will create an intimate experience among the disparate members of a community.”

Tree Branch Twig plays with Entrail and Moro 8 pm Friday, Dec. 27, at Wandering Goat; $5. 21-plus.