Nether Friend Nor Foe



Even via email, I got the sense musician Shawn Rosenblatt (aka Netherfriends) enjoys a good put-on. Listen to his music and hear a keen pop sensibility, a voracious musical sense of humor and stylistic attention-deficit disorder.

In 2010, Rosenblatt started the 50 Songs 50 States Project. “I started a year-long project where I played a show and recorded a new song in all 50 states,” Rosenblatt says. “For Oregon, I played a show and wrote a song in Portland.”

Now Rosenblatt is touring in support of his 2014 release P3ACE — a record that sounds a bit as though Prince produced a Beck album for the legendary Elephant 6 Recording Company.

“This band thinks I’m famous,” he declares on “Joey Vision” from P3ACE. “If I was famous would I be playing here?” Elsewhere, Rosenblatt jokes, “Smokin’ lots of spliffs cause I gotta stay high,” putting on an ironic, streetwise air. “Why Dey Runnin” has buzzing production imitating Dr. Dre. But there’s no mistaking that P3ACE is thoroughly smart, suburban, wiseass indie rock.

Rosenblatt says that in concert he performs solo with loop pedals, making live beats on stage using guitar, bass synth, drums and vocals. “Currently, I make hip-hop beats live and sing soul-inspired pop songs about love,” Rosenblatt jokes. “Don’t expect me to stand still.”

Behavior Castle presents Netherfriends with Texas-based ambient pop duo Chipper Jones 7 pm Tuesday, Jan. 20, at The Barn Light; $5. All ages.

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