Indie-pop Groove

Gothic Tropic

At a glance Gothic Tropic may appear to be another chic Los Angeles retro-rock act, hiding behind delay pedals like dark sunglasses. Having just two brief EPs under their belt since their 2011 conception, the indie-poppers might have flown just below the radar of readers, which would have been a shame.

If you delve a bit deeper, you’ll find a slowly growing industry buzz about this trio. Frontwoman Cecilia Della Peruti, child of jazz musician Carl Della Peruti and internationally acclaimed vocalist Juliana Gondek, has been developing and honing her sound, just outside the spotlight for the past few years. Collaborating with Ryan Adams, members of Rilo Kiley and Broken Bells, Peruti has remained patiently poised to unleash her own project for some time now.

Joined by co-conspirator Daniel Denton (ex-Metric bassist) and jazz drummer Rhys Hastings, Gothic Tropic has a sound that is as well rounded as the influences of its players. Settling into a warm and familiar post-punk groove that harkens to early Interpol, but with the carefree delivery of Vampire Weekend or Way Yes, Peruti’s wandering guitar lines linger long after the song has ended.

The trio will give audiences a taste of their LP Fast Or Feast (coming soon via Old Flame Records) starting at 7 pm Monday, Feb. 23, at The Boreal; $5. Joining Gothic Tropic is L.A. dream-pop act LUCY, local garage-surf sounds by the Egotones and garage rock by Eugene’s Tyranno Tut. All ages.

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