The Age of Reinvention

Ditch the daily drudgery and catch Work Dance Company’s Mechanical Dancer at the Hult

The cast of Work Dance Company’s Mechanical Dancer: Reinv3ntion. Photo by Michael Brinkerhoff.
The cast of Work Dance Company’s Mechanical Dancer: Reinv3ntion. Photo by Michael Brinkerhoff.

In the Information Age, it can be difficult to assess where routine ends and passion begins. The monotony of the daily grind can make you downright maniacal. Luckily, Work Dance Company director and choreographer Nate Boozer is here to give you a reboot.

Boozer and more than 100 dancers, that is. Work Dance Company’s presents Mechanical Dancer: REINV3NTION Feb. 21 at the Hult Center.

“The whole point of the show is about breaking out of that mechanical mold,” Boozer says. “In everyday life, we get so into our routine and it almost becomes mechanical, to the point where you know where you’re going to be every second of the day.”

Boozer explains that the show “really takes you on a journey” as the dancers start to emit more color, guiding the audience through dark, sexy and happy places — helping people break free of routine and find their passions and individuality.

Mechanical Dancer features several local dance companies  -— including Kings Krew, Xcape, Dance Factory, UO Jam Squad and Dance Northwest — and styles, such as modern, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, funk and African. Boozer and producer Ryan Kee created a music mix ranging from Sam Smith to “Haus of Gaga,” a nine-minute powerhouse of a Lady Gaga megamix.

Gaga inspired Boozer to start the company eight years ago. Since then, he has produced seven sold-out performances at the Hult Center and hopes A Mechanical Dancer: REINV3NTION will be his eighth.

“Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration for me and she always has been,” says Boozer, who met the singer last summer. “She just put a fire under my butt to step it up and I’m really excited to do that.”

Gaga would approve of Boozer’s shows, which he calls “a party.” The visually dazzling performances are chockfull of special effects, costume changes, video projection screens and high-tech props.

“I want people to not just watch a dance. I want them to feel like they’re part of it. I want them to be on the edge of their seat the whole time,” he says. “I’m into getting hands-on with making these shows come to life. That’s what my biggest passion is. It’s taking something that is so simple and making it so grand.”

Work Dance Company presents Mechanical Dancer: REINV3NTION 7:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 21, at the Hult Center; $21. Proceeds benefit Greenhill Humane Society.