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Michal Menert

Michal Menert
Michal Menert

Colorado producer, DJ and electronic musician Michal Menert is called “the Godfather of Electro-Soul.”

“It’s a title the fans have given me,” Menert tells EW via email. He says his work with trendsetting artist Pretty Lights put him at the forefront of the white-hot EDM (electronic dance music) scene.

“It’s a flattering name that got placed on me, and I wear it with a smile,” Menert says. “I never refer to myself as that, but will gladly take it.”

While closely linked with EDM, Menert has a voracious musical appetite. Notable among his many side projects is The Michal Menert Big Band, a 20-piece orchestra-like ensemble. The ensemble, which some are calling the future of EDM, performs in late April at famous Colorado venue Red Rocks Amphitheater.

But Menert says the Big Band is only one avenue of his creative expression.

“I’m still making sample-based music,” Menert says, “working on rap albums, writing songs on acoustic guitar — trying to just get it all out in different ways — learn as many languages in the world of music, so I can tell better stories.”

Currently, he is touring the West Coast in support of his upcoming full-length album Space Jazz. Oregon is one of Menert’s favorite places to perform.

“There’s a cool weird energy here that I like soaking up,” he says.

The album’s lead single, “Everything Shines,” showcases Menert’s chilled-out, slow-rolling but groove-heavy vibe, blending the sound of modern electronic music with the attitude of ’70s soul, funk and R&B.

Paul Basic and Marcelo Moxy join Michal Menert 9 pm Friday, April 10, at Cozmic; $14 adv., $17 door. All ages.