Long Live Richie Ramone

Hey Ho! Let’s Go!

Richie Ramone
Richie Ramone

“Hey Ho! Let’s Go!” The classic battle cry will inevitably reach the rafters this Sunday as Richie Ramone, one of the last remaining member of classic punk-rock act The Ramones, brings his leather-clad gospel anew to Eugene.

Since parting ways with the godfathers of the New York punk scene in 1987, Ramone has done time in The Rock n’ Roll Rats as well as The Gobshites. He’s even tried his hand at classical composition. But shaking the Ramones’ moniker can be tough.

Sporting all the swagger of Iggy Pop, Ramone’s 2013 solo debut, Entitled, smashes to pieces any assumptions that his new music would simply ape his namesake. The lone exception being a cover of “Smash You,” which Ramone tears through tactfully, rebranding the classic with his own unique rough-and-tumble charm.

This is where The Ramones comparisons stop. In lieu of the “oh-ay-ohs” of yesteryear, Richie Ramone defers to a crooning not unlike that of Billy Idol, buried under 40 years of a pack-a-day habit. Shedding the carefree party persona of his youth, Ramone’s music epitomizes the man he’s grown into. He has endured punk rock to transcend to a higher plane of weather-beaten but victorious rock ‘n’ roll survivor. Ramone is a lifer, a road-weary cautionary tale to some and the brightest inspiration to others.

Joining Richie Ramone are tour mates Dime Runner, local high-octane punk rockers Not A Part Of It and Xboyfriends 9 pm Sunday, April 19, at Black Forest; $7. 21-plus.

[Story has been edited. It orginally stated that Richie Ramone was the last remaining member of The Ramones. Marky Ramone is also a remaining member.]

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