Punk’s Light and Dark

The Ghost Ease The

The Ghost Ease The
The Ghost Ease The

Pacific Northwest post-punk trio The Ghost Ease rides a fine line between raw, quiet-loud-quiet indie rock and brooding darkwave.

“I find dark-edged music to be emotionally charged, alive and very real to the human experience,” says Jem Marie, vocalist, guitarist and bandleader.

Marie’s voice is gentle, and her sound hints of the Deal sisters’ crisp and brittle guitar work and percussion that is equal parts restrained and electric.

“The Ghost Ease isn’t all shadows,” she says. “There’s also a positive light that lives within the music,” explaining that “we seem like very serious people, but we love to joke around and laugh a lot.”

Marie says The Ghost Ease started as a guitar-and-drums duo. The group released its DIY debut in 2013.

“At the time, the band was quite young,” Marie says, “a two-piece consisting of [drummer Nsayi Matingou] and myself.”

“However, we felt that we needed to put something out into the world,” Marie continues. “To our surprise, our DIY-ethos album was received very well by many — even reaching as far out to parts of Europe, Asia and South America.”

The Ghost Ease recently played Boise’s Treefort Music Festival and is currently crowdsourcing funding for the band’s follow-up record.

“Our sound became much larger once we permanently brought bass guitar into the band,” Marie says. “The gear we now use also adds to the full and intense sound I’d always envisioned for this project, both in the studio and during our live performances.”

While the future is bright for Ghost Ease’s dark sounds, Eugene remains a favorite tour stop for the group.

“We always have an amazing time when we tour through this city,” Marie notes. “The community makes us feel right at home,” adding, “Stay beautiful, Eugene!”

The Ghost Ease plays with Eugene’s Chest Cavity and Pancho + The Factory 8 pm Sunday, May 3, at Wandering Goat; $3-$5 donation. All ages.

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