Bring in the Noise


Noise-A-Tron. Photo by Invisible Hour
Noise-A-Tron. Photo by Invisible Hour

Seattle duo Noise-A-Tron possesses a keen understanding of the space needed for music to breathe. The band, consisting of Lea and Jason Bledsoe, creates a huge sound without falling prey to two-piece rock stereotypes. Where others fill empty space with crushing volume, Noise-A-Tron takes pause. The Bledsoes’ drone-heavy rock is devoid of vocals, relying instead on sparse samples and keyboards that add texture to their fuzzed-out, eight-string bass-and-drums format.

This patient application of space applies to their touring and recording schedule as well. Having released a self-titled EP in the summer of 2010, Noise-A-Tron toured the West Coast several times in 2011, letting a regional fan base build organically before beginning to write a follow-up in early 2013.

Rather than rushing the record, Noise-A-Tron simply tracked bass and drums with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, The Sword) and returned to their home studio to add keys and samples at their leisure. The result is Vast Arcane, five pieces of incredibly lush instrumental metal that are as moody as our own Pacific Northwest.

Catch Noise-A-Tron with Entrail and Paleons 8 pm Friday, May 8, at Wandering Goat; $3-$5. All ages.