Lane County Area Spray Schedule 5-21-15

• ODOT is currently spraying roadsides. Call Tony Kilmer at ODOT District 5 at 744-8080 or call (888) 996-8080 for herbicide application information. Highways I-5, 99, 101, 105, 126 east of Springfield and Highway 36 from Highway 99 to 1 mile east of Blachly were sprayed recently, ODOT may spray the rest of Highway 36 soon.

• Roseburg Resources and related companies, 679-3311, plans to spot spray their roadsides throughout Lane County with 2,4-D, glyphosate, triclopyr, metsulfuron methyl, Conquer and/or Crop Oil Concentrate. See ODF notification 2015-781-07654, call Jim Hall at 997-8713 with questions.