The Cat Lady Sings

Sarah Donner

Sarah Donner
Sarah Donner

Sarah Donner is a New Jersey-based singer-songwriter and self-described “creative type.” Her live show includes three guitars and a ukulele. Donner tells EW she plays all four at the same time.

All at the same time? Really?

“No,” Donner says. “We have dancing girls,” she jokes, before getting serious: “It’s highly upbeat and entertaining. I try to keep it lighthearted. I don’t want to be ‘that girl with a guitar.’ So I always try and make it funny and quirky.”

Donner is touring in support of 2015’s Hairball, an album comprised entirely of songs about cats. Did I mention Donner is also a cat person?

“I’ve been writing for this website Catster,” Donner says. “I did a series called ‘Ask a Cat Lady’ where people wrote in with their cat questions and I answered them in music-video format. This album is kind of like the greatest hits.”

Hairball features the Ani DiFranco-meets-Christine Lavin tune, “Urine My Heart,” in which Donner sings: “You’re in my heart, but urine needs to stay inside the box.”

“It’s very silly, but it’s well done and I’m proud of it,” she says.

Joining Donner this time through Eugene is Portland’s sister-sister duo of Angela and Aubrey Webber, otherwise known as The Doubleclicks. Angela Webber tells EW: “We play cello and guitar and occasional ‘cat keyboard’ and sing songs about feelings and books and computers and love.”

“It’s comedy,” Angela Webber says. “It’s folk, it’s nerdy and not always all of those things but usually at least one.”

Sarah Donner and The Doubleclicks play 7 pm Monday, July 6, at The Boreal, 450 W. 3rd Ave.; $10 adults, $5 18 and under. All ages.

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