Dopamine Dreams



Based in the Northeast, prog-rock dance band Dopapod are making a name in the jam band scene. This summer, the band embarks on its first West Coast tour.

“I’m really excited to spend a lot of time in the Northwest this time of year,” Dopapod keyboardist and vocalist Eli Winderman tells EW.

Winderman explains the group’s unique name is inspired by the brain’s pleasure chemical dopamine. Dopapod is touring in support of 2014’s Never Odd Or Even, a collection of music Winderman describes as progressive rock.

“There’s a lot of jazz and funk,” Windermand explains. “We’re really into stuff like Yes, Muse, Phish and Umphrey’s [McGee], but we’re also into electronic stuff.”

Winderman says Dopapod works well because the members share a professional yet laidback ethos.

“We take the music seriously but we also know that it’s just music,” Winderman says. “It’s not to be taken too seriously. There’s a lot of sense of humor.”

Dopapod met when they were students at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Winderman says the group aims to balance improvisation with technical skill and compositional prowess.

“We do a lot of improv,” Winderman says. “But we have a lot of meat in our music, a lot of melody, a lot of compositional content, but we also take a lot of chances.”

“Every show is different,” he continues. “Every show is a unique experience.”

Dopapod plays with San Diego hip-hop-soul-electronica act Vokab Company 9 pm Monday, July 13, at Hi-Fi Music Hall; $12-$17. All ages.