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Bad Luck Blackouts

Bad Luck Blackouts
Bad Luck Blackouts

A couple years ago, I helped film a documentary about Bad Luck Blackouts recording their debut album 13. The punk-rock trio had an enthusiastic local following, a surprisingly professional work ethic and ambitions to take the act on the road. In addition, they were incredible live.

The band seemed poised to make some noise, and we wanted to capture that rise to inevitable greater success. However, as young bands often do, BLB hit a wall.

“Our drummer Johnny Kraft decided to move back to North Dakota,” bassist and vocalist Kyra Van Winkle tells EW. “It was a hard hit to Aaron [Carlson, guitarist] and myself to lose our brother in band. We had to answer some hard questions. Ultimately it came down to what makes us happy … playing music.”

Lineup changes are stressful business, often rife with concerns about retaining the band’s signature sound. However, the Blackouts seem fairly sure about 40 Ways to Sunday drummer Jimmy Anderson, with whom they’ve been rehearsing for a few months. “Our first practice with Jimmy, about three songs in, I looked at Aaron and said ‘I think we can start booking shows again,’” Van Winkle says confidently.

Breaking a year of silence, the newly reformed Bad Luck Blackouts will take the stage to unveil new material, reconnect with old friends and kick some ass. Some stories refuse to end easily.

Bad Luck Blackouts will share the stage with local punks Security In Numbers and The Ornery Lovers 10 pm Friday, July 17, at Black Forest; FREE. 21-plus.

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