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Bobby Meader Music

Bobby Meader Music
Bobby Meader Music

If Las Vegas Weekly gave an award for “Band with Best Beards,” Sin City rock quartet Bobby Meader Music would surely win. In fact, based on beard weight alone, you might guess Bobby Meader Music hailed from the great, hairy Northwest instead of the glitz and glamor of Vegas.

“I just didn’t shave one day ’cause I quit my job at the Bellagio,” Bobby Meader tells EW, laughing, “and I still haven’t shaved.”

And matching the band’s made-under appearance, Bobby Meader Music plays simple, unadorned —frequently acoustic — lo-fi indie rock with touches of punk-rock snarl and working-class, rock ‘n’ roll growl. Listen to the group’s latest EP, Breakfast After Noon, and hear a little ’90s-era emo in Meader’s sad-sack melodies.

“Heavy guitars, slow jams, soft vocals,” Bobby Meader describes his band’s sound. “It’s sort of drone-y grunge,” he continues, joking, “we were once called ‘angular bummer punk’ and I always thought that was pretty cool.”

Meader says the band — including Steven Anthony Sabo Jr., Nicholas Alexander Boswell and Juan Pereda —works because “everyone is such great musicians and even cooler people.”

“We all get along really well and everything is pretty fun,” Meader adds. “We party soft and hang even harder.”

Meader has a special place in their heart for Eugene. “I love Eugene! Everyone is really nice and the people throwing the show are the raddest.”

Bobby Meader Music plays with Eugene’s Dalembert and Entresol 8 pm Sunday, July 26, at Wandering Goat; $5. 21-plus.

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