Lane County Area Spray Schedule 7-30-15

• ODOT is currently spraying roadsides. Call Tony Kilmer at ODOT District 5 at 744-8080 or call (888) 996-8080 for often inaccurate herbicide application information. I-5 was recently sprayed.

• Joanna Lovera, 206-8827, plans to hire Oregon Forest Management Services to spray 46.6 acres south of Fox Hollow Road near Murdoch Road with Glyphos X-TRA, Polaris SP, Oust Extra and Opensight. See ODF notification 2015-781-09139, call Brian Peterson at 935-2283 with questions.

• M Three Timber Co., 767-3785, plans to spot spray 104.9 acres near Muslin Creek with Garlon 3A, Polaris AC and/or Induce. See ODF notification 2015-781-10839, call Brian Peterson at 935-2283 with questions.

• Giustina Land & Timber Co., 345-2301, plans to hire Northwest Forest management Services, Inc., 344-4991, to spray 144.6 acres near Hamm Road with triclopyr, imazapyr, glyphosate and/or Dyne-Amic. See ODF notification 2015-781-10785, call Brian Peterson at 935-2283 with questions.

• Weyerhaeuser Company, 744-4600, plans to spray 502.2 acres in several locations west of Cottage Grove, west of Lorane, and near Battle, Beaver, Letz, Norris and Douglas creeks with glyphosate, imazapyr, triclopyr, Forest Crop Oil, Crop Oil Concentratem MSO Concentrate and/or Insist 90. See ODF notification 2015-781-10585, call Dan Menk at 935-2283 with questions.

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