Sick as Fuck

Twisted Insane

It wasn’t many years ago that San Diego rapper Twisted Insane was homeless, struggling to get by, hustling CDs for food in mall parking lots and on busy sidewalks. Bouncing from one metropolitan area to another, the horror-core hip hopper would build a following and relocate, honing his craft while building a small but viciously loyal fan base.

With the word-of-mouth success of 2006’s Shoot For The Face, Twisted saw some traction, with copies selling out and remaining out of print, giving him a Tech N9ne-level of underground success. Building on that steam, Twisted has released five full-length albums since (with the newest, Voodoo, pending) as well as building his Brainsick Muzik into a multi-artist label comprised of other overlooked yet relentless and deserving emcees who have also risen up from nothing.

That underdog focus lives on with The Brainsick Muzik World Tour, a DIY national tour relying heavily on good old-fashioned pavement pounding and making personal connections to spread the word. The tour, booked by and featuring Twisted and The Brainsick family, intends to share its unholy gospel with the country, recruiting converts and keeping it gangsta.

Joining Mr. Insane for this massive evening will be the rest of the Brainsick Muzik roster, including C.Ray, Kamikazi, Bishop, ISO, Dikulz and Z & Redro, as well as local rappers AreaKode Assassinz, Locsta, Emphasis and S.W.P. at 9 pm Friday, July 31, at Cozmic; $17-$22. All ages.

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