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Hello Dollface
Hello Dollface

Colorado musicians Hello Dollface have deep roots in Eugene. Besides frequently playing the Oregon Country Fair, two members studied music at the UO.

In collaboration with its non-profit music education program, iAM MUSIC, the band has even founded a festival in Colorado, which Hello Dollface vocalist Ashley Edwards says is patterned somewhat after OCF.

“In a Tim Burton sort of way, it is inspired by the unity and the creativity of an event like the Oregon Country Fair,” Edwards tells EW, noting that “it might take Colorado a couple more years to have as much flavor and eccentricity that we love!”

Since last performing in Eugene, Hello Dollface has played 230 shows, visiting Mexico and Canada for the first time. “Warrior of Light” is the band’s latest single. “Neo-soul and old school,” Edwards says of the song, adding, “maybe even a little ’90s R&B.”

As usual, when Hello Dollface plays Eugene, it’s a family affair; this time through town the band will be joined by Eugene musicians Tyler Spencer and Luckey’s house funk band The Experientials.

“I personally first experienced the Tyler Spencer show at the Oregon Country Fair last year with choreographed fire dancers and the show blew me away,” Edwards says. “It was very much a symbiotic sonic and visual experience, but the music is a listening experience all its own.”

“Can we invite you to experience an unforeseen inspiring evening,” Edwards asks, “that will blow your face off and send you on a soul-fire spaceship that rocks down to the very visceral chemical makeup of what shakes human existence? OK, do I have your attention now? Come to this show.”

Hello Dollface, Tyler Spencer and The Experientials play 10 pm Friday, July 31, at Luckey’s; $5. 21-plus.