Indie Gloom



The Bangles called Monday “Manic” and Morrissey called Sunday “silent and grey.” Which day of the week do San Diego’s power-punk duo Gloomsday find the gloomiest?

“Every day so far is Gloomsday,” Lori Sokolowski, Gloomsday drummer and back-up vocalist, tells EW. She concedes that her gloomiest day is “Sunday night when the fun’s over and you have to go back to real life.”

The San Diego duo returns to Eugene, playing its brand of hard-hitting, punk-inspired indie rock.

“The inspiration for the music we’ve been doing for the past couple years is anything along the lines of Black Sabbath to B-52s,” says Justin Cota, guitarist and lead vocalist. “A lot of Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age,” he continues. “It’s a very stripped-down, high-energy sound — catchy riffs.”

“Justin comes from a metal and heavier music background,” Sokolowski adds. “I kind of come from an indie, Riot Grrl background — more of a punk a sound.”

Another undeniable influence on Gloomsday is the ’50s via The Cramps. Gloomsday track “We Don’t Know” features a surf-rock riff and an infectious “woo-woo!” Cota plays with abandon; Sokolowski plays like a tantrum — together they sound like an FM radio that isn’t tuned in quite right.

Gloomsday play with Eugene’s The Shifts and WarHall, 8 pm Thursday, Aug. 6, at Wandering Goat; $5. 21-plus.