Windy City Lo-Fi


Chicago duo Zigtebra is comprised of vocalist Emily Rose and guitarist Joseph Dummitt, two half-siblings that weren’t close as children. Fate led the pair to the Chicago-based avant-garde dance troupe, True Magical Love.

“We reconnected there,” Dummitt tells EW, explaining the Zigtebra project was born from the Windy City’s experimental performance art scene.

“We started getting weird on stage,” Dummitt jokes, “did a lot of experimental theater, short open mics. We played wherever would have us. It eventually turned into us writing songs.”

Zigtebra is touring in support of their first vinyl release, The Brave, and first music video for the sweetly addictive tune “Bay Bay.”

Rose says she always wanted to sing but lacked the confidence until working with her brother. “I was really shy about singing. He kind of pulled me up into it,” she says. “Meeting each other we found that we had similar tastes and wanted to do similar things that we weren’t finding expression and release in other projects.”

Rose and Dummitt call Zigtebra’s simple sound lo-fi pop, blending Rose’s passion for ’60s girl groups with a dramatic flair for synth pop and performance art — occasionally precious but always charming.

“We’re always moving,” Dummitt says. “At the heart of it is good songs — songs you can relate to about love and loss.”

“It can be a little strange,” Rose adds, “but we’re trying to explore song craft more and deliver what makes a fun song.”

“We’re still exploring the role of what a musician is,” Dummitt says. “We’re really conscious of every movement on stage, really trying to make a cohesive idea.”

Zigtebra performs with Thom Simon 9 pm Wednesday, Aug. 19, at Sam Bond’s Garage; $5. 21-plus.

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