Spin City

“Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made,” choreographer Ted Shawn once said.

It’s a quote that my first dance teacher had on a poster in her studio, and it’s an idea that carries to the dancer, the dance company, even to the community itself.

Welcome to Eugene Weekly’s 3rd annual Dance issue.

Here is where we shine a light on some wonderful dance happening in our local and regional community — contemporary, modern, tap, swing. (But, just as you have a closet full of clothes and can only wear one outfit at a time, there are many more dance activities in Eugene than we could ever feature at one time. Have ideas? Email me at eugeneweeklydance@gmail.com.)

That’s why I launched EW’s first-ever monthly dance column, “The Spin,” one year ago.

My goal was to reach out to the dance community, to catch the upcoming dance performances, classes, workshops and fundraisers in order to give recognition and legitimacy to this most ephemeral art form.

Eugene Ballet Company dancer and #instaballet co-creator Antonio Anacan says, “If dance is the heartbeat, ‘The Spin’ is the vein that circulates the art form to the community.”

Aw, shucks.

For artists and audiences alike, dance makes this a nicer place to call home. — Rachael Carnes

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