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Period Bomb

Period Bomb
Period Bomb

Los Angeles band Period Bomb is an anarcho-feminist project recalling protest punk like Bikini Kill and straightforward, curled-upper-lip rock ‘n’ roll like The Runaways.

Period Bomb’s “Get Out Of My Life Creep” is a simple kiss-off to a boorish, controlling lover. The song features vocalist Cami Miami’s supple, Siouxsie Sioux voice moving over tightly wound power chords.

The group calls their sound “baby-Martian-gore pop,” featuring song titles like “Yes! I’m Bleeding!” Frank themes of menstruation awareness run through the work, as well as obsessions with cartoonish, Technicolor pop-culture references. The performers have even been known to make art with menstrual blood live on stage.

But when it comes to Period Bomb shows, Miami likes to maintain an air of mystery and chaos. “It’s a pretty unique experience,” Miami tells EW. The circus-like atmosphere of Period Bomb comes from Miami’s contortionist background. “I have these contortionist abilities that I guess are pretty rare,” she says.

“The whole Period Bomb thing — people aren’t sure how literal to take it,” she explains. “Definitely when it’s that time of the month we like to make it really literal, but that’s not our only thing.”

“We’re spontaneous, we improvise a little,” Miami continues. “It’s a little bit different every time. I wrote these songs myself, on bass. I needed to make a project where I could totally express myself.”

Miami says Period Bomb’s all-female lineup is important to her: “To be able to rage, scream, be really artistic and experimental.”

But, she adds, “it’s still pop music, definitely danceable.”

Period Bomb plays with Saffron, Coyote and Critical Shakes 7 pm Thursday, Sept. 24, at the Boreal; $5. All ages. — William Kennedy

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